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Welcome to Warrior-Road
1. Botting is allowed! (Gold Botting with or without Proxies is forbidden)
2. The Team should be treated with respect! rules must be followed!
3. Don't insult other Players, be friendly!
4. Begging for Items or Events is not allowed!
5. PK2 Editing are completely forbidden!
6. If you found a bug , you must report it and not use it.!
7. Murder on Events is not allowed!
8. Job Cheating is also known as Contribution Cheating and is usually been done by thieves.It also includes spawning a pet in town as thief as well as other exploits.Using these bugs/exploits might either get you permanently banned or all your farmed coins Arena/Gold items might be deleted.
9. Use of any kind of exploit to abuse the system will get you permanenetely banned
10. If you have a problem, talk Type Name Support in Chat Here...Click Enter Will reply in 24 hours
11. Anyone Charchter in Pvp Not Allowed Opens Char Bot This Buffer Your Account Will Get 7 day Banned.
12. Weekly Pvp For STR Players Saturday At 8.00 Enjoy depend on Get Reward!
13. Weekly Uniques For INT Players Every Friday At 10:00 Enjoy depend on Get Reward!
14. -Warrior-Road PVP Rules
15. -warrior warlock vs warrior warlock play 5 min normal pvp then use ballon scroll!
16. -warrior walock vs warrior cleric Play 5 min normal the use devil or ballon scroll (15 sec time shield)!
17. -warrior cleric vs warrior cleric play 2h axe style without buff (2 Rounds)
18. -Warrior rouge vs warrior cleric playe 5 min normal then use devil (15 sec time shield)
19. -warrior rouge can make 1x Vital vs warrior warlock build
20. -warrior cleric & Rouge Cleric have only 3x Healing
21. -there is no Time Shield for Rouge warlock and rouge cleric
22. -Bug sleep , Reflect buff and using bot not allowed
23. -Warrior Clirc have 15 sec for holding shield , GA Will warn you (2x warrning = lose)
24. -About reflect : if u died from reflect dmg = Rematch
25. if u had a reflect but last hit from player killed you = u lose
26. -Phy and Mag allowed only for Rouge Cleric Build
27. -INT EUR <<->>
28. -Full healing , Phy and Mag allowed for wizz cleric Build
29. -Offering Not allowed -Bless Not allowed -Life Not allowed
30. -also Skins and vital not allowed for wizz warrior build -Reflect buff not allowed for Wizz Warlock build
31. -after 5 min playing normal will change to Devil mode
32. <>-<> STR CHN <>-<>
33. --CHN vs CHN play 5 min normal then use devil
34. -CHN vs Warrior Cleric & Warrior Rouge play 5 min normal then use devil (15 sec time shield)
35. -CHN vs Warrior Warlock play 5 min normal the use ballon scroll or Devil
36. -there is no time shield for Blader
37. -Fire wall allowed 1x Time for STR vs Warlock Builds
38. -Bot not allowed
39. -INT CHN
40. -CHN vs CHN if both are Cold Mastery will play with Snow other builds play noraml pvp without defence buffs
41. -CHN vs EUR (Snow & Bloody & Iron Castle & Guard Shield & Bless) Not allowed
42. -Bow int able to use 1 knock back only every 5 sec vs Wizz
43. -Bot not allowed
44. Notice: any kind of scrolls , Emoji , Socket , Bug Not allowed in PVP
45. any kind of insult or spam lead u to be out from event
46. Please Respect our Rules :)
47.Team Warrior-Road Enjoy
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Server info : Warrior-Road

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Experience rate: 50x
Party Experience rate: 30x
Gold drop coeficent: 45x
Item drop coeficent: 35x

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